Monthly archives:May 2017

  • A week in New York: Pt 2

  • It's Thursday, and we've spent the first half of the week catching up with my Wife's family (there are certainly a lot of them to catch up with!). I've eaten a tonne of Jamaican food and met a lot of new people. Two nights ago we moved out of the hotel in Queens, to one just off Times square. Manhattan is a big [...]
  • A week in New York: Part 1

  • Today I fly off to New York for the first time. It's going to be a new experience (as one would expect) and my first time in the US of A. I'm both excited and nervous in equal measure! My wife and I will be there for a week, hopefully seeing the less well known parts (I've never been one for the tourist spots in any gi [...]
  • The Adventure begins here

  • The Adventure begins here *Cringe*. I've never written as a matter of course throughout my adult life. I think the last serious piece of text that I put out was for my English language/literature A level....Nearly 8 years ago. Needless to say, I might need a little practice. But, I shall be getting it. My wife Viki an [...]