A week in New York: Pt 2

Aunt C making goat curry

It’s Thursday, and we’ve spent the first half of the week catching up with my Wife’s family (there are certainly a lot of them to catch up with!). I’ve eaten a tonne of Jamaican food and met a lot of new people. Two nights ago we moved out of the hotel in Queens, to one just off Times square.

Manhattan is a big place. It’s got a lot of beauty, and a lot of ugliness, and it’s a tourist trap on a colossal scale. And it’s really not for me. Perhaps for those of us who are extroverted, it’s great. The constant grind, hustle and bustle are exhausting to me, and I’m sad to say I probably wouldn’t come back to central New York without very good reason. I like Queens, I liked the bit of Harlem that we saw and I’d probably like Brooklyn, from what I’ve heard (we ran out of time to make it there. It’s on my plans for the next time we make it here to see family.)

Tomorrow we go back to spend more time with the family in Queens. I’m looking forward to seeing them again, and am quite sad that we don’t get more time with them. I guess I was expecting to enjoy the city more, but I’m somewhat regretting that I haven’t had the time to get to know the tight knit community that are now my extended family here.

I’ll be posting once more about the New York trip when I get home, with lots more pictures. It’ll be a much longer, in depth piece. I’ll probably try and sum up what it was about Manhattan that really bugged me, when I’ve had the chance to mull it over and pick my words.


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