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  • On leaving a life behind

  • As I creep closer to date that my wife leaves, and closer to my departure from the UK, it's weighed more and more on my mind about how odd it is to leave everything behind. We've begun the somewhat sad process of packing everything up for storage, which is a lot like packing up to move house, but instead of leaving out [...]
  • A week in New York: Thoughts

  • So we've been home for a  couple of weeks now, and I've had the time to let the thoughts settle. I can say what I think of New York in the way I want to. Here we go... I loved spending time with my Wife's family. It was amazing. They are a huge clan of lively, interesting people each with their own story, all be [...]
  • A week in New York: Pt 2

  • It's Thursday, and we've spent the first half of the week catching up with my Wife's family (there are certainly a lot of them to catch up with!). I've eaten a tonne of Jamaican food and met a lot of new people. Two nights ago we moved out of the hotel in Queens, to one just off Times square. Manhattan is a big [...]
  • A week in New York: Part 1

  • Today I fly off to New York for the first time. It's going to be a new experience (as one would expect) and my first time in the US of A. I'm both excited and nervous in equal measure! My wife and I will be there for a week, hopefully seeing the less well known parts (I've never been one for the tourist spots in any gi [...]