I’ve not had much of a chance to keep on top of the blog for the past few weeks, and but a lot of the stuff that was keeping me busy is dropping off now, ready for me to leave.

It’s been a bit weird leaving employment. I find myself enjoying my time in a way that I never did while on holiday from work. When on holiday, it’s all about cramming it in, getting everything done, and doing as much as possible before returning to work. In some ways that was good, as I tended to be quite productive, but in the end probably ended up being more tired than when I left for holiday.

I’ve had nothing to do each day other than what I set for myself. I find myself getting up earlier, doing more that would be considered contributing to my art, spending less time procrastinating. Perhaps I’m made for this life.



I’ll be looking to start filming for a YouTube channel soon, so that I can keep updates going on there too – for those of you who’ll miss my face (precious few of you, I’d expect. JK). It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’m going to have some¬†awesome footage from the mountains when I get there. I’ll be getting used to the editing stuff to start with, so it’ll be a work in progress. But what isn’t?

I’ll be in touch.

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